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Made to Measure

Anchor Uniform has built a solid reputation in the uniform and professional garment industry for our Made to Measure options. We can truly create custom garments out of nothing and, with the right measurements, we can provide just about anything a client could ever want. Our unique ability to be able to create apparel in any size for anyone has set us apart from the competition, but our ability to create completely brand new custom styles for our clients has catapulted us to the top of the list when it comes to Made to Measure options and custom uniform design.

While we are able to accommodate unusual sizes, unique requests and specific departmental demands, it should be stated that Anchor Uniform can only do this type of extreme custom design for larger orders. It simply would not make good business sense to do all of this work just for a handful of customers. Make sure to work directly with our distributors for large orders and specialty requests through any of our Made to Measure options and specialty garments.

Durable Outerwear

One example of the very best that Anchor Uniform has to offer is our rainwear, in particular the 46-inch double breasted Darien trench coat. This durable outerwear garment is of the highest quality and value. Featured under our dress rainwear product category, this garment is available to our distributors and clients in either Made in the USA domestic or as a high quality import. Choose from classic navy or black for either men in sizes ranging from 36-60 and women in sizes ranging from 0-20.

A top feature of this handsome coat is the zipout liner, which is made from a high technology quilted 3M Thinsulate to help keep you warm without adding a lot of bulk. The shell is made from a 60/40 cotton-polyester that has been treated with Dupont Teflon™. An approved dress coat for NYFD and various public service departments nationwide, this is truly a beautiful coat that provides an elegant combination of performance and pizazz. The Darien comes with standard buttons, but Anchor Uniform can swap out specific buttons for large orders.

American Made

There are many benefits associated with purchasing uniforms and professional apparel that are Made in America. All of our American Made products available through Anchor Uniform are manufactured right here at our location in Southeastern Massachusetts. Some people prefer to look for the Made in USA label on garments out of a sense of pride, knowing that they are supporting and American business by purchasing the product. Others prefer American products because they know that buying locally within the country helps to support our own country. Still there are others who appreciate the quality that can only come from products that are Made in America.

Whatever your reasons, you can rest assured that every product that bears the American Made label at Anchor Uniform has been designed and created right here. Our team has over 50 years of experience working in the public service and professional garment and uniform industry, providing us with top quality products for our clients. Our use of the latest technology in high performance apparel from names like Teflon™, 3M and Supplex has helped us to stay ahead of the demand for uniforms that outperform products that were sold just a few years ago.

To find out more about Anchor Uniform and any of the top quality products that we sell, please give us a call at 1-800-225-8554 or browse our website for additional information. Quality, value and excellence are the three most important goals at Anchor Uniform. Contact us today and let us help you find the best quality professional apparel for your department or organization.

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