How Technology Helps to Make Public Safety Rainwear Seasonal

How Technology Helps to Make Public Safety Rainwear Seasonal

darien-rainwearPublic safety agencies are always looking for new options in durable outerwear to provide to their employees that will help to keep them warm and dry. The double breasted trench coat is a timeless classic that looks great and protects, making it a top choice for many agencies. In fact, one of the more popular options in public safety rainwear at Anchor Uniform is the Darien, which is approved for use by the New York City Fire Department, Chicago Fire Department, U.S. Border Patrol Agency and various professional airlines around the globe.

Product Spotlight: The Darien
A great choice in public safety and law enforcement apparel, the Darien features a unique gun patch, cut through pockets and a back vent, for even more versatility and function. It has a removable quilted, zip-out liner that is made of 3M Thinsulate with a sleeve warmer, making the coat seasonal and able to be used in warm and cold weather conditions. The shell is made of a 60 percent cotton, 40 percent polyester blend that is treated with the durable Dupont Teflon™ for even more protection while on duty.

The 46-inch double breasted trench coat is a superior option in public safety rainwear, as it also features a split raglan shoulder, loose umbrella back yoke and an adjustable sleeve strap with buckle. This coat has a “made in the USA” option for style 261MT for men and 261LT for ladies, as well as an imported version, which is sold as 761MT for men and 761LT for ladies. Considering all of the value that is provided with this option in durable outerwear, the garment is reasonably priced and made with high quality for long-lasting protection.

Dupont Teflon™ Technology
One of the ways that Dupont Teflon™ technology helps to make public safety and law enforcement apparel even better is to provide the wearer with the very best and most innovative solutions in fabric protection. Not only is the technology used on the Darien double breasted trench coat able to protect the wearer from inclement weather, but it also protects from stains while out on the job. Liquid spills, such as rain, coffee or other beverages, just bead up and roll right off the fabric. Stains, which includes ground-in stains that occur in the line of duty, are quickly and easily released from the fabric when cleaned.

No special care is required to maintain the protection that comes from the Dupont Teflon™ technology, in fact, because it is built right into the fabric of this durable outerwear, it keeps protecting the garment no matter how many times it is cleaned. In testing, garments that were treated with Dupont Teflon™ technology worked to repel and release stains, allowing for spot cleanings and reducing the amount of laundering and dry cleaning throughout the life of the product. This results in less washing, less wear and tear on the fabric through washing and ultimately, less of an impact on the environment.

In addition and according to Dupont, this technology also works to:

  • release stains at lower wash temperatures compared to untreated fabrics
  • helps fabrics to dry 25 percent quicker than untreated fabrics, even on tumble dry or air dry cycles, reducing energy consumption
  • eliminates the accumulation of “ring around the collar” to reduce repetitive washing
  • reduces the amount of cleaning and even spot cleaning due to liquids beading up and rolling off of the garment

3M Thinsulate Technology
Another way that the Darien double breasted trench coat is made seasonal and ideal for public safety rainwear is through the quilted, zip-out liner of 3M Thinsulate technology. A top choice in durable outwear, such as jackets, pants, gloves, boots and even hats, the 3M Thinsulate technology works by trapping air molecules between you and the outside. When air gets trapped in a space, it works to provide insulation from the cold air. The more air that gets trapped, the more insulation that is provided. The remarkable advantage of the 3M Thinsulate technology is that the fine fibers used to create it help to trap more air in less space, providing the wearer with even greater insulation protection.

As a top choice in public safety and law enforcement apparel, having the ability to un-zip this lining from the Darien double breasted trench coat in the warmer months and then zip it back in again when the weather turns cold, helps to make this a very versatile and beneficial garment in the world of durable outerwear. The 3M Thinsulate technology is also breathable, moisture-resistant and is still machine washable and dry-cleanable, despite all of its amazing advantages. It is a great choice for departments that want to provide their employees with long-lasting protection all year round.

If you are interested in carrying Anchor Uniform products in your retail store or would like to learn more about our Made to Measure uniforms made in America for local departments, such as the NYPD, NYFD and Chicago PD, give us a call at 1-800-225-8554. Our staff of highly knowledgeable customer service agents and custom uniform designers can help you to get the high quality products you require. Call today for a FREE estimate or to place an order.

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