Uniforms for Anyone, Any Size: What Does Made to Measure Mean?

Uniforms for Anyone, Any Size: What Does Made to Measure Mean?

When you visit the Anchor Uniform website, you might see the term “Made to Measure” used on our pages. This isn’t just a fancy term that we have made up to talk about our custom uniforms, this is a global term that is used for garments that are made to fit customers who typically have a difficult time getting uniforms to fit properly. As a manufacturer of quality uniforms, and with unique abilities such as being able to offer custom buttons and styles, offer made in America or imported apparel, it is our Made to Measure uniforms and options that really make us stand out from the competition.

What is Made to Measure?

In the simplest of terms, Made to Measure is the opposite of Ready to Wear or Off the Rack apparel that you usually find in stores. Ready to Wear and Off the Rack are two terms that simply refer to clothing that has been cut from a standard sized base pattern and that have not been altered in any way. Technically, a suit that has been tailored to fit a specific customer would be considered Made to Measure, however Anchor Uniform takes even this a step further to adapt our custom patterns to create a totally unique pattern that is designed to fit a customer based upon his or her unique needs.

Most manufacturers offer uniforms and other garments in a variety of standard sizes. For example, our popular outerwear coats range in men’s sizes from 36 on up to 60. Anything smaller than a 36 or larger than a 60 would need to be created as Made to Measure uniforms. Personnel that have additional requirements that are unique to them would also benefit from our custom uniforms that fall under the scope of Made to Measure garments. While most law enforcement, fire fighters, EMT/EMS, pilots and other professional personnel can typically fit in the standard Ready to Wear apparel, it is important to be able to offer anyone else that is having an issue the option of ordering Made to Measure uniforms.

Designed to Fit Anyone, Any Size

While not our official motto, this is something that we say a lot at Anchor Uniform because we pride ourselves on our ability to create custom uniforms for our clients. We are able to maKe our garments and design them to fit anyone that contacts us and can achieve them in just about any size. As a manufacturer of quality uniforms, we stand uniquely apart from other manufacturers here in New England or anywhere else in the country in that we do absolutely everything in-house.

We have a pattern maker on staff who can create custom patterns to make custom uniforms for our clients. We have our own cutting room where the fabric is cut according to our custom patterns to ensure a proper fit. Anchor Uniform even has our own sewing room where all of the garments we create are sewn on-site to ensure quality control. Beyond that our finishing room is where we ensure that everything, from the custom buttons and styles that our clients order, to the quality of the product during each step of its making, is of the highest standard available.

So when we say we sell Made to Measure uniforms and create custom uniforms for various departments and professions, we stand behind our work to create truly custom products that people are proud to wear. We go well beyond the basic standardization that you typically find in the garment industry to create truly unique products that you just can’t find anywhere else. It is our goal to create products that are well-fitted to each customer and that reflect the standards of each department that we work with for optimal results. By offering unique opportunities, such as the ability to add custom buttons and styles, we are doing everything we can to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Call Anchor Uniform for Truly Custom Uniforms

If you are in the market for Made to Measure uniforms or other customizations, look no further than Anchor Uniform. While we do not work directly with consumers, we are happy to work directly with distributors and retailers across the country and create special custom uniforms and orders through those locations. To find out more about this manufacturer of quality uniforms and distributor of top imports that are held to a higher standard, give us a call at 1-800-225-8554 or use our convenient online contact form for more information.

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