Uniforms Designed With Top Technologies for Better Protection

Uniforms Designed With Top Technologies for Better Protection

Public safety workers do a lot to ensure the safety and protection of citizens each and every day. It is important that they have tools and apparel that can be used to protect them and keep them safe while on the job. From durable outerwear to public safety rainwear, Hi-Viz protective gear and other types of high-tech professional uniforms, the advances made in the technologies behind today’s modern uniforms for law enforcement, fire fighters, EMT/EMS, pilots and other professionals provide more protection than ever before.

In addition to designing custom professional uniforms for our distributors and clients that are made in the USA or imported through vendors that are held to the highest standards, Anchor Uniform works hard to ensure that we provide a wide selection of apparel that is designed to protect the protectors from the environment. We are proud to offer Hi-Viz protective gear that includes 3M Scotchlite reflective materials, durable outerwear that is made warmer with zipout liners from 3M Thinsulate materials, as well as public safety rainwear that is protected by Teflon™ and Supplex fabric technology.

As technology advances to create new ways of protecting apparel from rain, extreme temperature and other environmental issues, Anchor Uniform will continue utilizing this technology to manufacture and distribute professional uniforms that provide the men and women with new forms of protection. We work hard to ensure that all of our apparel is designed and created to the highest industry standards for durability, top performance and long-lasting great looks. It pays to take time to learn a little bit more about all of these technologies and how they can be used to your advantage.

Top Technologies from 3M

The brand 3M is recognized all over the world and it symbolizes quality and integrity in the products that it creates. Anchor Uniform is proud to offer apparel that utilizes two 3M innovations, including the 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material and the 3M Thinsulate. Both enhance the performance of the professional uniforms that we manufacture and distribute to our customers, each in its own unique way.

  • 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material is used on our High Visibility Vest, Reversible Waterproof Pants, our 49-inch and 34-inch Reversible Raincoats and other Hi-Viz protective gear and public safety rainwear products. This producT is used to provide reflective material to help enhance the visibility of workers in fair and foul weather. It also works in low-light and night-time conditions.
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation has been around for more than 20 years, but the garment industry is still finding new and unique ways to use it to benefit the men and women who wear it. Known as the technology that can provide “warmth without bulk”, the 3M Thinsulate Insulation is the warmest thin insulation available in the industry, providing one-and-a-half times the warmth of high-loft or down insulating materials. It is also breathable, resistant to moisture and machine washable or dry-cleanable. Even when wet, this durable outerwear and public safety rainwear remains warm. We use this technology in our 26-inch Waist Length Jackets, Men’s and Women’s Cantebury, as well as our Men’s and Women’s Darien apparel.

The Benefits of Teflon™

Most people are familiar with the Teflon™ name. Teflon™ fabric protector helps to provide garments with unparalleled stain protection to help keep fabrics, such as professional uniforms and durable outerwear, look newer longer. Resistance to moisture is also another benefit of Teflon™ technology, as liquid spills simply bead up and roll off. The technology also allows ground-in stands, such as grass or dirt, to be released during the cleaning process. Anchor Uniform is proud to have a wide array of apparel that utilizes Teflo™n fabric protector, including our 26-inch Waist Length Jackets, 49-inch Reversible Raincoat and 34-inch Reversible Raincoat, as well as other innovative durable outerwear and public safety rainwear products.

Advanced Supplex Technology

Another great fabric that we have available at Anchor Uniform is the high performance fabrics from Supplex Technology. It provides the feel and comfort of cotton, plus the benefits of advanced fiber technologies. Supplex is a registered trademark for the INVISTA brand of cotton soft fibers and fabrics. These materials provide many advantages to professional uniforms and durable outerwear, such as breathe-ability, color fast technology, quick-drying abilities and the ability to hold shape better than other fabrics. We currently feature durable outerwear, such as our 26-inch Waist Length Jackets, that utilize Supplex performance fabrics.

Anchor Uniform: Quality, Value & Excellence

To learn more about Anchor Uniform and the wide selection of custom Made in America and top quality imported apparel that we carry for our clients and distributors, give us a call at 1-800-225-8554. Our team can help you choose from our range of diverse apparel options to choose the best possible solutions for your department or profession. Contact us direct about Made to Measure options, custom buttons and other solutions for professional uniforms, durable outerwear, public safety rainwear, Hi-Viz protective gear and other quality apparel.

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