Apparel Trends: Why Uniforms Made in America Still Matters

Apparel Trends: Why Uniforms Made in America Still Matters

The garment industry is flooded with imports that come in from all over the world. While there are some imports are high enough in quality to compete with domestic uniforms, most consumers have come to the conclusion that uniforms made in America are made to a much higher standard. If your retail store is selling products that are made in the United States, such as law enforcement apparel, fire department uniforms and Class A uniforms for a variety of public service and professional clients, then you have a clear advantage over your competitors who do not. Studies show that all apparel, in particular uniforms made in America, are still very important to consumers.

What Does “Made in America” Really Mean?

While this question may seem pretty straight-forward, there is some doubt as to what it actually means. American companies send the actual manufacturing and assembly of some of their products overseas a great deal of the time, due to lower labor costs and other factors. They are still American owned companies, but the work – the jobs – are elsewhere. There are also non-American companies that build factories right here in the United States, providing Americans with jobs, but they aren’t considered American companies because they aren’t truly American owned.

According to a 2012 study conducted by Harris Interactive, approximately 75 percent of Americans agree that the country in which the product is manufactured is what makes it an American product. So Toyotas that are assembled in Texas or Kentucky are perceived as being more American than Chevrolets that are assembled in Mexico. More than 50 percent stated that they felt that a product must be “made from parts produced in the U.S.” for it to be considered American and 25 percent stated that the product should at least be designed by an American company for it to be considered American.

American Demographics: Who Cares More – and Why?

Depending on your target consumer group, uniforms made in America might be even more important. The same survey revealed that out of all the age groups, adults in the 48 and over group were the most likely to say that it is important to get products that are made in America. Women were more likely than men to buy American, but in the highest demographic group – the 48 and over – the male to female split was pretty much the same.

The top reasons for buying American include:

  • keeping American jobs in America (66 percent)
  • supporting American companies (56 percent)
  • safety concerns regarding imported products (47 percent)
  • American patriotism (45 percent)
  • concerns about quality of imported products (45 percent)
  • human rights of foreign workers (39 percent)
  • environmental impact of product made in other countries (32 percent)

How to Market Uniforms Made in America

Clearly it is important to Americans to be able to purchase apparel and other goods that are made domestically. The challenge for retailers is how to effectively market that part of the product to the portion of their customer demographic that cares. If you sell uniforms made in America, such as law enforcement apparel, fire department uniforms or Class A uniforms for professionals, it is important to make that very clear. Be specific and to the point. If you offer uniforms that are domestic alongside of similar uniforms that are imported, make sure that both types are very clear and obvious to your customers.

Anchor Uniform is a manufacturer and distributor or top quality uniforms. While we do make a lot of our products in-house, providing our clients with a wide variety of standard and custom designed uniforms made in America, we also offer a full line of imported uniforms. However, unlike other distributors, we work closely with our vendors that provide us with the imports, performing quality checks, looking at samples and making sure that the high standards that we hold for all of our uniforms made in America are extended to every product that we sell. So whether you purchase EMS/EMT uniforms, pilot uniforms, rainwear, outerwear or even hi-viz apparel through Anchor Uniform, you can count on the quality and trust that it will be top notch.

If you are interested in carrying Anchor Uniform products in your retail store or would like to learn more about our Made to Measure uniforms made in America for local departments, such as the NYPD, NYFD and Chicago PD, give us a call at 1-800-225-8554. Our staff of highly knowledgeable customer service agents and custom uniform designers can help you to get the high quality products you require. Call today for a FREE estimate or to place an order.

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